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The perfect combination between tradition, quality and innovation with extreme attention to detail.

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State of the art material and systems that allow you to use your imagination

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Our minimalist lines allow you to think big and dream without barriers.

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less is more.

The HYLINE system is our homage to Mies van der Rohe ‘s famous aphorism. As the presence of aluminium is kept to a minimum, the glass and what we see through it are highlighted. More glass area and less visible frame allows the building to stand in perfect harmony with the surrounding area.

Each HYLINE casement is unique and totally customizable. Our modular system is adjustable to the specifications of each project, providing the architect with greater design freedom.

The minimalist design is not gained at the expense of technical performance. This system combines aesthetics and functionality in perfect harmony. It incorporates excellent manoeuvrability, resistance and complete thermal and acoustic insulation.


Our selected projects.

From dwellings to office buildings, the distinctive design of HYLINE may be found throughout the world and easily spotted by those with a keen eye for detail. You may have glanced at one of our structures without actually seeing it as attentions go beyond the glass to world outside. Your choice of space and location also deserves a distinctive design in shutter which as versatile, elegant and discreet.

Villa AMA

Photography - Alexandre Van Battel
Architecture– Laurence SONCK


Vila do Conde


Architecture– SAOTA

Stand HYLINE Veteco

Architecture- Aiparquitetos Andreia Oliveira I Pedro Parreira - 1º Prémio Stand Arquitetura Efémura

Restaurante Romando

Vila do Conde

Casa Córsega

Architecture- Eric Guerchon

Casa Boa Vista, Brasil

Architecture– Patrícia Penna

Casa Marrocos Casablanca

Architecture- Jean Claude Pereira Atelier 01

Casa Bahamas

Architecture– SAOTA


Architecture– NOARQ - José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira

Casa WGM

Architecture– E X O 7

Chalet en Arta

Palma de Maiorca

Centro Internacional de Tenis Rafael Nadal

Palma de Maiorca

Casa LS

Architecture– Roberto Migoto

Casa Bedimo

Architecture– François Vieillecroze

System Details

details make the difference.


You have chosen the frame, now choose the canvass. In addition to glass, HYLINE structures support materials such as marble, wood, wire netting or aluminium plating.

The beauty of detail

You can choose from various details that afford a touch of refinement, from gold or silver handles to the use of Swarovski crystal.


Aluminium structures reduced to a minimum and glass areas expanded to the maximum. Think big, we provide you with the space.

Discover textures

It is possible to customize profile structures. Finishing may be made in leather or cork.

Integrated flooring

Your floor does not end at our product. Choose a finishing for the shutter rails that provides continuity to the surrounding material.

HYLINE applications

A switch always within reach. Applications that allow you to control all the automatisms of your structure through your computer, mobile or tablet.


Give wings to your project.

The array of combinations of the HYLINE structure is as wide as the world. From an 18mm slim profile to more robust profiles that can hold an 18m2 glass surface. Corner panels that open and may be concealed into a pocket. The lock may be personalized, with a multi-point system which can be locked with a key. The rail number is unlimited and may be customized to blend in with the flooring. Lacquer, bi-colour and the freedom to choose the finishing texture. HYLINE creates a subtle look in your desired décor.

Slim Series

This series is suitable for both application interior and
exterior divisions where acoustic and thermal insulation is not essential.
Due to the reduced profile characteristics, this series is ideal for warm and/or tropical climates.
This system permits the use of shutters with fly screen

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New sliding system that allows for maximum brightness, elegance and excellent acoustic and thermal behavior (UW 1.3).
This system allows the inclusion of shutters and mosquito. Possibility of using double glazing up to a maximum size of 28mm box. In featured the possibility of use of integrated floor which allows a perfect continuity between the interior and exterior.
Reduced view of 18mm perimetrically and central plumb

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40mm Series

This series is suitable for exterior use and offers excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. Blackouts, blinds and screens may be inserted between the glazing layers. Mosquito netting and shutters may also be applied. Profile suitable for double or triple glazing, up to 18m2 in dimension. May include motorization and automated electromagnetic locking systems which may incorporate a ventilation option, for safe uninterrupted ventilation. A wide array of finishing options including cork, leather or wallpaper.

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50mm Series

This series is intended for exterior use with excellent acoustic and thermal insulation results. The highest standard in our series of systems. HYLINE 50 is the perfect series for Nordic and cold climates, providing high comfort and safe environments. Blackouts, blinds and screens may be inserted between the glazing layers. Options also include bullet-proof glass, mosquito netting and shutters. This system is suitable for double or triple glazing up to 18m2 in dimension.

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