Vila do Conde, Portugal

Cork House

"The contemporaneousness of the residence is essentially reflected in its simple volume, in the stripped spaces but full of character, where the materials used inside and outside, the designed scales and the size of the living room frame are the factors that makes this work be unique." Andreia Oliveira, Arch.



Automated system




Large areas of glass

Products: HYLINE 40
Architect: aiparquitetos Andreia Oliveira I Pedro Parreira
Type: Private House

Since the concept development, Carrapata´s House had the pretension of being daring but discreet, to distinguish itself from the others, but at the same time being integrated in the urban context that surrounds it.
It´s a project of traditional genesis, brought by the preexistence of primitive house.  By the exigency of the terrain, legal norms, the program and the will to differentiate through the use of common materials, but commonly used indifferent areas than house’s construction (plate, cork, iron), Carrapata´s House has become contemporary.
Andreia Oliveira, Architect

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