Santo Tirso, Portugal

Private Home

The minimalist lines of the work bring out lightness and a modern architecture, similar to the uniqueness of the HYLINE product. The geometric structures are embedded in the entire design trait in which the parts and all the work are one. The installation of HYLINE windows reinforced this concept by describing a continuous flow of straight lines and large plans of glass.



Modern Architecture


Thermal Transmission


Easy Maintenance

Products: HYLINE 40
Architect: NOARQ
Type: Private House

“From impulse I could reduce my anguish with the concept that all the problems in architecture shorten to a sense of openness. In other words, a mind view. The window is (yet) the glass. I believe that BBG was born from this intuition, the HYLINE systems approaches to their materialization.“ José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira, Architect

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